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Alvin Thomas
No Longer Available

Hello, my name's Al. Thanks for stopping by.

Before my incarceration, I traveled extensively, acquiring a broad world view, with above-average conversation, understanding, and imagination.

I'm terrible at being a loner. I'm searching for longevity, a peace-of-mind, or somewhere in-between with you.

There's no need to be coy around me, or self-conscious, or having insecurities. I'm a non-judgmental man who loves women unconditionally.

Look, if I was ever placed under any compromising pressure, please take comfort in knowing I'd rather fight, lie, die or take a bullet to ensure your safety.

I'm spiritual.

My mind is focused and sharp.

My trajectory for life success is still up-side.

I'm a great listener who honors secrets, a great provider who can connect and chill on multiple levels with you.

I'm approachable, pragmatic, faithful, fun, funny, confident, supportive, safe, and secure.

I'm your "Fifty Shades of Grey."

Sample my love because there's more where that came from.

My body's well preserved, with low mileage, drugs and disease free, with no current owner.

I possess no tattoos, but would enjoy yours!

My prison bid is winding down. My current reality of forced celibacy (chain-gang virgin) makes me aware of my rarity, self-worth, and actual value in satisfying all your needs upon my release.

Show me your come-hither moves (forwardness) and tell me about all the flavors you're packin' that I need. So e-mail me at : ATHOMAS3019@emailinterface.org

Race: Black
Date of Birth: 4-9-1963
Height: 5'11"
Earliest Release Date: Pending
Maximum Release Date: 2-1-2024
Religion: N/A
Would you like letters from both sexes? Women
(This does not refer to sexual orientation)     
Education: College.
Occupation before prison: Residential Construction and Event Planner.
Activities in prison: Legal and casual reading; exercising
Can you receive and send emails:

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