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Brandon Thompson 02044430
Price Daniel Unit
938 S. FM 1673
Snyder, Texas 79549

I am a father of 2...my youngest young man is 2...my oldest is 9. In my time prior to prison, I enjoyed golf, as I am, indeed, a classy hearted man. As have many people in the world, not just inmates, my picker in the opposite sex has been flawed and hindered by substances and circumstances. Having a big heart and being incredibly compassionate has proven to be a detriment to some degree in my life...but is also my saving grace.

I have an incredible family -- my mom is my #1 support and ally in life...and is married to a man that I hold in high regard and have an unshakable respect for...he's a good man. My sister is a hard working and diligent young woman --- and we love each other so much. I'm definitely the zesty character of my family --- and relate so much to my mom. My grandmother is a saint in my world...and I would do anything for her. I love dogs and animals...and have always held a strong love and care for our animal friends.

Ever since I can remember. I am seeking intelligent communication and wise interaction with someone with goals and visions in life. Due to my mother's tenacity and compassion...along with my incarcerated brother from another mother's wife...I know there are women out there that understand and are interested in the reality of inmates' lives and stories...and I'd like to get acquainted with women like that. I'm not looking to arbitrarily develop some fantasy interaction...and definitely have no desire for the insecure or self victimizing females that are rampant in jail based forums. And no men. No one who used to be a man. Believe me, there are plenty of punks within these walls...and still have no interest in them. But thank you anyway --- if you happen to fall into that category. I am a phenomenal dancer...you can look for me in the upcoming Magic Mike...circa 2030. Crotch rockets are a part of my soul...loving life and finding the blessings in each occurrence is what I do. The search for the silver lining is an everyday requirement in an environment such as this...and making use of the available resources here is what I do. I am not a dramatic person...not interested in drama, outside of the Dallas Cowboys progress. Huge sports fan, by the way. Any additional information, I'd be glad to share...talk to you soon.

Race: White
Date of Birth: 7-11-1988
Height: 5'8"
Earliest Release Date: 7-21-2025
Maximum Release Date: 7-21-2035
Religion: Christian
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Education: College Associates
Occupation before prison:
Activities in prison: Play handball, computer tech school, West Texas College
Can you receive and send emails:

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