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 Darian Driscall 2064375
Sagovia Unit
1201 El Cibolo Rd.
Edinburg, Texas 78542

WARNING: This may cause hallucinations, dizziness, lust, anger and constipation!!

Hello my future ex-wife!  I demand a letter from you!  I will respond by telling you everything you want to hear and then eventually everything you don't want to hear.  I will probably talk you into letting me parole out to your house.  I will stay home while you go to work and pretend to look for a job while really just eating all the food.  You will come home to sink full of dishes and possibly me with your best friend in your bed.  I'm going to say "its not what it looks like" and then get mad at you for not knocking first.  I'll probably go to jail twice for domestic disturbance because I am accusing you of irresponsible behavior.  You will bond me out and find out that I stopped reporting to parole and that there are multiple warrants out for my arrest involving public nudity and Israeli midgets from North Dakota which is enough to send me back and post another pen-pal ad to the lucky winner! 

HOPEFULLY, you have a sense of humor and realize I am only kidding and that I am confident enough to post something like this.  If you want to know the REAL me then email through Jpay.com or write me...BUT I can only wirte back via postal mail and PLEASE DONT FORGET TO WRITE YOUR RETURN ADDRESS OTHERWISE i CANT WRITE YOU BACK

Race: White
Date of Birth: 4-12-1986
Height: 6'
Earliest Release Date: 1-2017
Maximum Release Date: 3-8-2020
Would you like letters from both sexes? Women
(This does not refer to sexual orientation)     
Education: Some College
Occupation before prison: Sales
Activities in prison: Weight lifting and architectural design
Can you receive and send emails:
Receive only via jpay.com

Notice: To verify all or some of the information given please click here