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Sharp, Funny, Loving, Kind, Mature and Respectful

Demicko Thomas #991403
P.O. Box 2049
Airway Heights, Washington 99001-2049

Hello, my name is Demicko (meek, meek) for short. I am a humble man with a heart made to appreciate, respect and love a strong woman who isn’t shamed or afraid to be herself, honest and upfront regardless of what she may or may not have been through, or going through in life. As I am not looking to judge anyone, or be judged by anyone (smile)

In my being upfront and honest with you, I am not ashamed or too prideful to share with you an experience I had with a woman I met nearly three years ago. Who had been in a troubled relationship with a guy for seven years. After learning what she had been through I felt compassion for her, and wanted to help her get back to feeling good about life, so I spent a considerable amount of time getting in tune with her thoughts, feelings and emotions. Praying with her, encouraging her, motivating her, and supporting her – simply wanting to be a friend. As life, with or without me. It was truly a wonderful feeling, extending my unconditional love to her as she worked toward overcoming a horrible period in her life.

It all seemed right; it felt right; and I truly believed it was right. So I continued to invest in her well-being, trusting her with my heart, emotions, and unconditional love, never thinking – what if???? I guess when you believe in someone and you put their happiness first and foremost in your life, it’s easy to overlook the what-if’s!!!!

Well, two plus years into our friendship/relationship it was apparent that the time, energy, and effort I put toward her emotional stability, happiness, and wellbeing had re-energized her. However, I had no idea I was creating a monster, that would eventually betray me with acts of disloyalty, deceit, and lies. But as her confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth had been restored she became more and more sneaky, concealing her sleeping around and other selfish acts of disloyalty. Sensing something was going on, during a phone conversation I asked her: “What’s going on with you?” She replied: “It’s complicated.” So I asked “Are you doing what I think you’re doing?” She reluctantly confessed that she’d been seeing someone else for quite awhile. So I asked her: “Don’t you think it would had been a good idea to tell me about that sometime ago?” She replied: “It’s complicated, but I don’t want him – I want you!”

Like a fool emotionally invested and blinded by love, despite feeling betrayed, I forgave her. Stomaching my frustration and sadness I stuck with her, not wanting to give up on her. Taking her at her word that it wouldn’t happen again. Why did I do that, instead of thinking about the what-if’s???? As nothing changed, and her sexual cravings, decide, and likes, in short destroyed our friendship, love for one another, and oneness we shared for many years. As her actions becoming so emotionally exhausting, I respectfully told her: “I’m cool, take care and good luck in your new relationship.” So here I am, optimistic that ONE good woman will come across my path, looking to meet a real good guy. If that’s you please extend your hello’s by writing me directly or send a text message by way of www.JPay.com

Race: Black
Date of Birth: 8-24-1973
Height: 6'0"
Earliest Release Date: 12-30-2018
Maximum Release Date: 6-3-2021
Religion: Christian
Would you like letters from both sexes? Women
(This does not refer to sexual orientation)     
Education: Diploma
Occupation before prison: Fitness Trainer (certified fitness trainer III)
Activities in prison: Motivational speaking, weight lifting, working, plenty of reading, educational correspondence programs
Can you receive and send emails:
Yes, by the way of texting at jpay.com

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