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Jose Pineda Borges #338891
P.O. Box 888
Monroe, Washington 98272

You’ve never met anyone like me. Yes, we’ve all had our struggles full of tear drops and closed fists but I’m the man who crushes those problems into lessons. I’ve had a different life than most, dangerous choices and misguided morals have earned me the scars I carry today. At 30, I’m more mature. I can feel the repercussions of my past lifestyle. I wish I could go back, but I accept life for what it is now. I’ve taken my deep breath moment, reflected and moved on.
I live my time now and express my life through art, but regret not starting sooner. It’s a passion of mine yet I wasn’t aware of it. You see, just because I’m locked up doesn’t mean my ambitions are locked away. I have my priorities straight and my moral compass in check. I don’t see myself as an inmate anymore. I’m a man that doesn’t allow this confinement to lock down my dreams.
I’m awake, I’m alive and I’m ready for anything the beautiful life has coming my way. I apologize for my imperfections. I’m not proud of my past. I take care of my loved ones. I’m just trying to meet someone who can see me for my potential and not just my past. I hope to find you out there. You could email me at JPay.com location: Washington. All you need is my name and doc # Jose Pineda Borges #338891

Race: Hispanic
Date of Birth: 07/10/1989
Height: 5’10”
Earliest Release Date: 7/10/2035
Maximum Release Date: 7/10/2037
Would you like letters from both sexes? Yes
(This does not refer to sexual orientation) 
Education: H.S. Diploma, Some College
Occupation before prison: Self Sustained Entrepreneur
Activities in prison: Defy, New Freedom, Graphic Design
Can you receive and send emails: Yes, via www.JPay.com

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