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Kenny Thomas #K63687
PO Box 99
Pontiac, IL. 61764

During mail call, I make it my objective to be occupied with my schooling, this way when the officer calls out everyone's name but mine, I'm occupied to the point that I can disregard my hurt feelings of not receiving any mail from the outside. In this prison lies, deceit, violence, mental illness, and corruption, it's hard thinking positive with negative surrounding me, tugging and pulling me every turn and opportunity presented.

Day after day I wake up to look through bars to more bars to an opaque window with more bars on it, being raped on three times a day faithfully rain sleet hail or snow. I dig deep within and grab that seed of refusal, to not let my mind become locked up here where my body is. That seed of refusal consist of hope, will, desire, love, positivity and plans. That seed has developed into my motto in life, making progress and positivity! And to accomplish this I use the power of principal, through example. I donate to a women's charity and I am a hospice caretaker. Positivity. I also work and take and electricians course, progression.

So I'm reaching out to find friends to inspire and be inspired by, write to, talk and build with. Help me to be successful in the pursuit of achieving my goals and refusing to succumb to this environment that if you slip up it will have you fighting for years to get out of the trouble you had no intentions of getting into. Please take the time to write and provoke a little inspiration.

Race: AA
Date of Birth: 1-6-80
Height: 5'11"
Release Date: 2068
Religion: Christian
Would you like letters from both sexes? Yes
(This does not refer to sexual orientation)     
Education: GED
Occupation before prison: Machine/forklift operator, lab tech, shipping/receiving
Activities in prison: Work, I take an electrician course, hospice caretaker for terminally ill inmates
Can you receive and send emails? No

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