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Marty Wall 84D0105
Collins Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 340
Collins, New York 14034-0340

  I was born on an Air Force Base and raised on military installations.  I am black-Irish (Iberian Celt), raised as Catholic and then as Dharmaic Buddhist.

I have been incarcerated for nearly four decades for crimes I would just as soon forget, but never can.  AT the time I was incarcerated, I was a Sergeant First Class in the U.S. Air Force.   Thus I was stuck with the nickname "Sarge."  I have spent the majority of my incarceration exploring the nature of my past and the events that were a catalyst to my actions.  I make no excuses for my past, but it is just that, the past.  Nothing I can do will ever erase those stains upon my soul, but through faith I have come to know a serenity that most people, free or captive, never know.

I am a voracious reader/studier.  I am reserved, but not passive; assertive when needed, but otherwise I remain quiet and ever-listening.  Because of how I treat others, it has come to pass that I am looked upon as a "wise old sage."  Funny, but I don't feel old.

There are many other things I enjoy doing, including studying the law and doing leather crafting.  It has been my pleasure to open this potential friendship with a little of who I am and what I am today.

Date of Birth: 6-10-62
Earliest Release Date:
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