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Pedro Ramirez #1638148
RT.2 Box 4400
Gatesville, Texas 76597

An old school said “Pay attention to Pedro. He looks goofy. You think he’s gonna say something goofy. Then he say something deep…he’s really intelligent." And I’m like, crap, do I really look goofy? People do think I’m 15 (Without the beard) but I’m 31. I enter a new housing, even after 8 years, people think I'm new to prison.

My life toppled into scattered puzzle pieces. When I reassembled them, a new picture emerged, one where I’ve grown, gained virtue, learned my lesson, and have a story. The back cover of my story would read: “With a mission to transform prison culture, Pedro walks the prison helping people, But the mission is formiddable. He faces conflict from prisoners and his inner struggles. Will he transform the culture? Overcome his struggles? And will he find an incredible awesome pen pal? He’s looking for one willing to share stories, commentate on life, ponder, remember, laugh, or..whatever”

Anyways, I think I see the best in life—and people. I’m outgoing, introspective, and have fun. I write, journal, love a good story, and believe people are main characters in their story. People say I have a good spirit, and am untainted by prison and likeable.

I’ve watched guys, like a 5k run, sweat mail call, tripping over one another. I didn’t have running shoes. Now I’m thinking I can slide through in my socks, and hopefully, find your letter. (Please include address in e-mails, if sending one)

Race: Hispanic  
Date of Birth: 8-25-1986
Height: 5’8”
Earliest Release Date: 2022
Maximum Release Date: 2034
Religion: Non-Denominational
Would you like letters from both sexes? Women
(This does not refer to sexual orientation) 
Education: Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies
Occupation before prison: Roofing
Activities in prison: Peer educating, exercising, studying
Can you receive and send emails: Yes via www.JPay.com

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