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Quincy Butler #1899541
2665 Prison Rd 1
Lovelady, Texas 75851

I'm 39 years old and I'm intrested in locating loyalty, positive energy, and a true friendship. I was born and Houston, Texas which I've lived there most of my life. I enjoy reading books by Napoleon Hill, James Allen, Rhonda Byrne,etc. My hobbies are playing chess, reading case law, exercising, and meditating. I've had several experiences with people and I'm thankful for those experiences because I've learned to be the person that I expect a friend to be. My main search is loyalty and that's been like a hidden treasure, hard to find, so I searched within myself and there was loyalty.

I'm single with no kids and in regards to my sentence, I'm currently appealing my sentence for post conviction relief, and I pray that someday I'll have my own family, operating my private trucking company, and investing in real estate. I have several business ventures I will pursue once my conviction is overturned. I understand that we as people possess the power within us to move mountains and all we have to do is apply our minds and the universal laws of attraction will allow that very expectation to manifest in the physical realm.

I know whoever decides to contact me will be blessed with positive energy and if you send a Jpay email, please leave a physical mailing address because that's the only way I can respond back. I know it's crazy we can receive email, but we can't send email due to no computer access in Texas prison. In conclusion, don't forget to send a physical mailing address.

Notice: If you write Quincy via www.JPay.com email, you must include your postal mailing address or he will not be able to respond. He can receive emails but can only respond via postal mail.

Race: African
Date of Birth: 5-21-1980
Height: 5'9"
Earliest Release Date: 2041
Maximum Release Date: 2073
Religion: Islam
Would you like letters from both sexes? Women
(This does not refer to sexual orientation)     
Education: 2 years college
Occupation before prison: Certified offshore rigger
Activities in prison: Legal studies
Can you receive and send emails? Yes, via www.JPay.com.
Please leave your address as I can only respond via US Postal mail

Notice: To verify all or some of the information given please click here