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Rafael Bryson 218643
970 Picket Street N.
Bayport, Minnesota 55003

Hello, my name is Rafael H. Bryson. I am 33 yrs old, 5'10, 195 lbs, caramel brown. I'm half Panamanian and half African American (partially speak Spanish). I've completed 13 yrs of a 15 yr sentence for murder. I hope this wont deter your interest in getting to know me on a personal level. Crisis in life are inevitable and valuable when handled well, only through crisis that bonds of caring & understanding pass from an original fragility to a tested permanence. Through the growth that is possible in the successful handling of crisis caring & understanding becomes more and more marked by truth and depth. I believe only those who have experienced this crisis can really understand me. I'm restive in my pursuit of happiness because physical semblance can't determine my direction or attention to my heart only one's love, passion, and patience can complete me entirely. I would enjoy someone who I can befriend with emotional and social conversation then will invest time into building a friendship which may become impervious to outside influences were a strong foundation will adhere for both of us. you can also contact me at JPay.com for direct messages through the Kiosk Machine.

Race: Half Panamanian/Half African American
Date of Birth: 6-16-84
Earliest Release Date: 12-21-2020
Maximum Release Date: 7-16-2028
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