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Scott Craden A665-997
Allen/Oakwood Correctional Inst.
P.O. Box 4501
Lima, Ohio 45802

Hey....My name is Scott and because I have a profile up here, it's probably pretty obvious that my whole ''Criminal mastermind empire" thing hasn't worked out too well. Yet...while I have made some pretty crazy decisions in my own life, I hope that you'll make a pretty good one and take a shot and give me a hollar. I think most people who know me would describe me as a fairly humorous, somewhat intelligent, always honest and overall decent guy who's just looking for someone who is also looking for that someone to connect with. I will always keep everything real and always 100%.
 My biggest interest in life would probably be music. I am a huge music fan, writing....playing, or even just listening to it, and that is of course why I started this ad with the headline of your top 5 songs for the soundtrack of your life. I think you can tell alot by someone by a few of the songs that you might see in one's soundtrack. I will let you know mine with my first response to your letter.
 I currently sing with a couple of different bands at this institution I'm at, but we don't get many ''Tour' dates and the only audience we really have is a captive one, But...I am a fan of every type of music...and believe there is something awesome about any music where there's a truth or honest emotion within it. Right now, one of the bands that i play with, We are doing mostly Covers, mostly some Blues/Rock kinda stuff....and the other band is a more harder rock kinda thing. More original music mixed in with some covers as well. Growing up, I actually began singing to alot of older R&B and other stuff, so as I said...I'm into pretty much everything! I can appreciate it all.
 Grew up in Toledo Ohio, But lived briefly in few other places. (LA...Seattle) Open to communicating with anyone, anywhere...and hope to be able to use emails via Jpay.com, but of course I will respond to all correspondence regardless of whatever method.
 I'm looking for that someone who wants to communicate with someone regularly and that can help them forget about all the craziness that we all sometimes go through in life...be it behind some razor wire....or even outside of a place like this, because I know that being free outside of this fence, craziness happens out there too, and hopefully, I can be that someone that might offer you a moment of calm, or even a smile that you might need at those moments. I will certainly try to.

Race: White
Date of Birth: 10-30-73
Height: 5'10
Earliest Release Date: 7-1-25
Maximum Release Date: 7-1-25
Religion: n/a
Would you like letters from both sexes? Women
(This does not refer to sexual orientation)     
Education: High School
Occupation before prison: various jobs
Activities in prison: Singing, Basketball
Can you receive and send emails:

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