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Darnell Wilson R51656
Menard Correctional Center
P.O. Box 1000
Menard, Illinois 62259

Peace and respect to whichever Beautiful Queen answers my ad and would not mind communicating with me regardless of my circumstances. No one in this world is perfect and we need each other to build a solid foundation in life, to work toward perfecting our character in order to bring out our uniqueness and our true self.

I am in search of everlasting friendship and companionship that is organic. I am 40 years old, a Scorpio and I have no children. In spirit I am adventurous, maybe it’s because I never blazed a trail outside the city of Chicago and can’t wait to  travel once I’m FREE! I have been in jail 20 years, since the age of 19, but the Sun has finally shined on this Melanin as I have proof that I am innocent and was framed by a corrupt cop.

I enjoy laughter despite my circumstances because, seriously, who wants to walk around looking like an angry bird? LOL We are here to enjoy life, not put energy into things we cannot control, that is how our light begins to dim.

I’m very big on loyalty because it is the key to longevity in a friendship. Also, I love having pics sent to me.

Dang! I used up all of my word space, but I pray the Universe connects us like magnets and we can build a solid friendship that can weather any storm.

Peace and Love,


Date of Birth: 11/19/1983
Height: 5'9"
Education: 11th grade
Occupation before prison: N/A
Earliest release date:
Maximum release date: Life
Would you like letters from both sexes? Women
(This does not refer to sexual orientation)
Can you receive email: Yes
If yes, which service: connectnetwork.com
Can you respond to emails: Yes
Activities in prison: Exercising, reading, watching funny TV shows, listening to music
Anything else:
I love to watch sports, especially the WNBA

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