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Devine Delaney 400975
Coyote Ridge Corrections Center
PO Box 769
Connell, Washington 99326

If you're reading this I ask that you don't judge me by my appearance or my age, but rather what I have to say. I'm only 25, but I've been through a lot coming up in life, all the losses I've taken have helped me understand what's really important and what I want for myself. Now I'm focused on learning from my mistakes so that I can succeed in the future.

I'm just looking for someone I can do that with. Me being in prison can be a blessing in disguise, because I know that it's difficult connecting with people on a genuine level out there. So I want to take advantage of this opportunity to know you for who you are, not what you look like, what you have, or what you have done. I'm a firm believer in honesty, so let's keep it all the way real. I'm looking for genuine companionship and friendship, also hopefully it can develop into something stronger. Hit me up and let's see.

You can message me on securus or write me from the securus app you have to type my DOC number, choose Washington State prison, then click Coyote Ridge Corrections Center. Thank you & Blessings.

Date of Birth: 10-30-98
Height: 5'10"
Education: College Level
Occupation before prison: None
Earliest release date: 2/2/29
Maximum release date: 2/2/31
Would you like letters from both sexes? Yes
(This does not refer to sexual orientation)
Can you receive email: Yes
If yes, which service: Securus App
Can you respond to emails: Yes
Activities in prison: Reading, Gaining knowledge and Excercising.
Anything else:
I'm black and Cambodian, I aspire to start a business when I'm released. I was born and raised in Washington.

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