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Franklin Naylor #064730-5
Atascadero State Hospital
P.O. Box 7001
Atascadero, California 93423

My name is Franklin Dean Naylor, better known as Jitterbug. I’m 54 years old, Irish, Indian and French. I’ve been down since 12/9/1999. I’ve made mistakes but never hurt anyone that didn’t have it coming. I don’t like sex offenders, or people that do harm to children, the elderly, or women. I support our government and law enforcement as well as our military.
As a convict, we didn’t care if it was law enforcement's kids, or women that got abused, we as convicts, dealt with the offender. But they are not all bad, due to age limits, maturity factors, lies, or someone blacks out and doesn’t know what they have done due to these factors, they are all not what they have been a quest of. That has been prison politics, since first brick laid. I am a man of God and as all, we have made mistakes, but I’ve never gotten sick with it, no matter how much my hunger for drugs was. I’ve never harmed a family member, or friend, or turned on my God!
You can’t hate all law, they're out there arresting all kinds of criminals that do harm to children, elderly, and such. Our government, we vote them in, we vote them out. Keep track of what they do! I’m into law, judicial crime, and human behavior science. Gangs, religions, military and war as well as faith, family and friends. I’m into faith, morals and class.
I got a lot to say if you’ll listen. Good day. Faith, family and friends. Safety, sanity and financial gain. Good memories and good thoughts.
All are welcome.
(mind strapped)

Date of birth: 10/13/1968
Height: 5’7”    
Education: G.E.D.       
Occupation before prison: Contractor     
Earliest release date: 6/24/2024   
Maximum release date: 2025 
Would you like letters from both sexes? Both   
(Question does not refer to sexual orientation)
Can you receive email? No  
If yes which email service?     
Can you respond to email?
Activities in prison: Weightlifting, sports 

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