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Keith Mussenden 01304-509
F.C.I. Fort Dix
P.O. Box 2000
Joint Base MDL, New Jersey 08640

I’m looking for an intellectual, spiritual, tender, passionate, and yet spontaneous female for genuine friendship.
About myself; I read a lot of existentialist philosophy, political science, neuroscience, and how to invest in the stock market. I seek to be a published author on the subject of overhumanism. I’m planning to enroll with the Fern University at Haven, Germany for a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics.
I’m definitely looking for a woman friend who likes to travel. I like those who are open-minded and non-judgmental when it comes to being sensuality positive. What I’m talking about culminates into love, not lust. People need to engage in eye contact, touch or vocalization to express their connectedness and intimacy with another person to maintain their wellbeing. I identify as Hindu, but I will appreciate, also, the attention of an adherent of an East Asian creed or European Pagan tradition. A woman who feels deeply influenced by her heart and soul, who believes love is the most sublime and most powerful aspect of spirituality.
Every word you send me, I would treat as a gift from the Divine, and I would give you all the attention and appreciation you deserve. I’m here to listen and to learn, and I hope to be a healing, safe and secure source of joy and acceptance in your life. Imagine the old with the new, a Bavarian or Vienna opera house discussing the next evolution of the brain, and history’s greatest romances.

Date of Birth: 3/26/1983
Height: 5'8"
Education: Some college
Occupation before prison: Cook
Earliest release date: 10/2/2038
Maximum release date: 12/24/2041
Would you like letters from both sexes? Women
(This does not refer to sexual orientation)
Can you receive email: No
If yes, which service:
Can you respond to emails:
Activities in prison: Work, drawing, legal research, foreign language study
Anything else:
I'm looking for a woman who speaks and writes German

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