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P.J. Emmitt #1383329
Hughes Unit
3210 FM 929
Gatesville, Texas 76597
(Please allow physical mail for visually disabled inmate)

Greetings and Salutations, as Christian Slater stated in the movie ‘Heathers’, “I’ll tell you about me, then I expect to hear about you”.
I’m a certified fitness trainer with 2 medical science doctorates; N.D. and PhD with focal points on Endocrinology and Iridology. I write books on adrenal glandular function and thyroid physiology along with generalized endocrinological issues in bodily functionality. My last doctorate thesis is online at uscourts.tx.us.gov 3:21-1581. Last book on endocrinology: 6:20-655.
I stated I am a fitness trainer, I have every single muscle on my body well developed, from all abdominal muscles, shoulders, to calf separation, triceps and quadriceps. I am well developed and shaped even at 47. At my prime in 2009, I was 235lbs with 18 inch arms. Currently, the only differential in what is in the picture that you see, is that arms, chest and back are all tattooed. Past that, there is little difference in what you see.
I also have 15 medical science trade certifications as well and wrote my own book on Iridology as well. This is a natural form of ophthalmology. We analyze ocular cavities for problematic happenstance in other areas of the body, as they say, the eyes are windows to the soul, right?
Not really into proverbial ‘chit-chat’. I’m looking for people that are well educated, amicable and that can keep up with correspondence that is at least 6-7 pages typed in each letter. We also have tablets now where we can email and access phone services. Please utilize certified return receipt requested, restricted delivery. This is the only way to guarantee that I will receive your letter.
I spent a decade in law school, combined with med school with minors in international marketing.
I developed a method to place on 50 pounds of muscle in 6 months. I will be opening 15 gyms in the wealthiest areas in DFW, by appt. only, with ‘select’ clientele.
I’m well developed in mind and body, along with the determination to succeed beyond comparison. ‘Life’ for me has become ‘elevation’ of mind state. If you are not on that level yet, I can help you get there.
Now ‘fly’ like a bird and open your heart and mind to someone and something new.
Peace be upon you (Phillipians 4:6)

I have completed the following correspondence courses while incarcerated:
1. Paralegal certification
2. Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice with Business Marketing minor
3. Bachelor’s in Clinical Nutriction with International Business Marketing minor
4. Certification in Fitness and Nutrition
5. Certification of Medical Billing Specialist
6. Certification in Pharmacology
7. Certification of Natural Health Consultant
8. Certification of Medical Transcriptionist
9. Certification of Beginning Iridology
10. Certification of Intermediate Iridology
11. Certification of Advanced Iridology
12. Certification of Blood Chemistry Analysis
13. Naturopathic Doctorate
14. Philosophical Doctorate in Health Science / Nutrition / Iridology
31 years Health Science Studies
10 years all aspects of law; criminal, common law, history of law, commercial law, business law, tort, contract law
8 years business marketing, with international focus

Note: All were completed 4.0 on Doctor’s degrees with Westbrook University Weirton, West Virginia

Post Doctorate Books Completed
1. Fitness With No Weights (complete with 400 pages of extensive diagrams)
2. Thyroid Axis – Advanced book on endocrinology and thyroid physiology
PhD thesis with research project predicated upon oncology with correlative issues in relation to toxic elements
In process: Various endocrinilogical issues such as 'Hypo-Natremie' and Diabetes Type II, Abrogation of Texas Medical Practice Act, in regards to treatment of NPs in correlation to addressing the 'thyroid' by NPs.

Note: The email system can take up to 5 months for me to receive your letter/email. There is only one way to guarantee that I receive your letter is to address me Certified Return Receipt Requested with restricted delivery. This forces the system to have me sign the green ticket and I have placed a copy above. Also, you must use the prison’s physical address when using certified mail: P.J. Emmitt 1383329 2664 FM 2054 Tennessee Colony, TX 75886

***We have a new electronic message provider that allows direct email. Visit securustech.net or call 972.734.1111
Texasprisonphone.com 936.437.4927

Date of Birth: 12/27/1976
Earliest Release Date: 7/8/2025
Maximum Sentence Date: 7/8/2045
Height: 5'10 1/2"
Religion: I believe in the Lord
Would you like letters from both sexes? Yes
Education: Naturopathic Doctorate, PHD Health Science, Iridology
Occupation before prison: Sales 
Can you receive and send emails: Can receive via securustech.net
Please provide your mailing address so I can respond
Activities in prison: Educational reading, Studying law, Exercise almost daily, Barber (when allowed), Studying medical science

Can you send and receive emails: Yes, via securustech.net

Notice: To verify all or some of the information given please click here