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P.J. Emmett #1383329

2017 March Update

I have completed the following

1. Jurs Doctoral Criminal Justice
2. PHD Law History
3. PHD Thycordal Metabolism
4. PHD Gastroentemology
5. BS, MA, and nearly thru with Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition

End update Summer 2017

Update October 2017

I am complete with doctoral work and am now completing dual post doctorate courses; one is a focus on 'Iridology", which is the science of analyzing health of individuls by looking into their eyes, as they say, they are the 'window-to-the-soul' yet they are also a whole lot more than such. The second degree is called an I.M.D. (Integrative Medical Doctorate). What this degree focusses on is combining bodily health, with all corralative aspects of psychological health as well. In the field of natural health most all practitioners will believe in the corralative aspects of addressing both together. The best example I can provide is that any malfesance of gastrointestinal discord will effect how one cognates thought. This is our car engine of life and needs to be 'oiled' no less than a car; and, what does a car do when it has bad or no oil??? It locks up and ceases to function.

Anything in life is possible; it is all about altering ones perception and mind state. I am living proof of that matter.

God be with each of you

Update: December 2017
Doctorate coursework finished; onto PHD in health science. I have completed 6 individual courses since doctorate completion, one part was tri-part tridology certification. Always dream big and stay true to who you are, envision the body as the temple and treat it accordingly to house the spirit.

Update: September 2019
PHD still in progress. Still 4.0 student. Not much left for completion.

Update: December 2020
PhD Health complete. I have already completed 3rd PhD Nutritional titled "Thyroid Axis"

Update December 2021
500 Page exercise manual with no weights

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