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Tips for Writing an Ad

The picture is the first tool to communicate with potential pen pals.  What kind of emotion does your photo evoke?  Is it friendly?   Does it look real?  Is it trustworthy?  Consider your facial expression and body language.  It’s best to have a photo which will attract a wide range of audiences in order to receive the highest number of responses.   

The introduction is the next thing people read.  Many people are attracted to warm welcoming and upbeat language.

Make the words in your ad count.  An add is meant to be short and appealing with few words.  Utilize magnet words such as:  easy, guaranteed, health, discover, money, new, proven,  safety, save, best, alleviate, avoid, easily, fast, heal, learn, rebuild, relieve, quick, smart, try, opportunity  and you.  You may use numbers or bullets to highlight important information and stand-out from other ads. 

Questions to a potential pen pal can be used to illicit responses.  Make an offer.  Tell them what makes you stand out.  Tell the pen pal how they will benefit by writing to you.  Add something good someone said about you, in order to sell yourself.  It’s up to you to take away someone’s fear to write to an inmate pen pal.

Here are some examples of how to get started:
“You can be sure that I am interested in getting to know about you and your dreams for a better world.”
“My friend said I’m as solid as a rock and you will quickly find that is true if you choose to write to me.”
“The world would be better if we all learned to have more patience with each other and that’s something I hope you would like to talk about in some letters.  I guarantee that I will write you back”.
“Would you like to get to know someone who knows how to ride a motorcycle and play pinochle?”    

To list an inmate go to https://www.meet-an-inmate.com/application.htm

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