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Juanito Rodriguez 140722
Idaho Correctional Institution
381 W. Hospital Dr.
Orofino, Idaho 83544

Hello my name is JJ. I was charged with First Degree Murder in December of 2021. Ended up with being convicted of Involuntary Manslaughter. I was protecting myself and others when a man came to my house and attacked one of my family members with a knife and brass knuckles. Even though my life was at risk, I'm remorseful of it only because that night shouldn't have happened like it did and now two families are hurt. I was given a sentence of 15 years with 10 indeterminate and I'm half way though my 5 years.
So with my left time I'm looking for someone to talk to, age doesn't matter and whether it be just as friends or something more, my options are open.
Here's a little about me: I'm 23 years old, birthday in September. I'm 5'11 but can be 6'0 with thicker shoes lol. I'm a light skin Mexican with a good lookin' smile and greenish brownish eyes, dark brown curly hair and I'm a sucker for anyone that match my goofy funny energy. I get along with mostly everyone if your shy or energetic we are compatible lol. Some days I'm a social butterfly, some days l'm not. I am a tattoo artist, barber and a former dog trainer, I love animals. I work out every day and try to eat the right foods but it's hard when sweets and cakes tastes hella good cuz I am a Fatboy at heart but I HAVE TO contain him lol. So if you're a good cook, cute and funny, I'm instantly in love.
I do have goals when I get out that I need to accomplish so I need a good woman in my life that'll keep me in line. I really don't want to go back to my old ways and end up in a situation that would put me back in prison. So for those reasons l'm trying to surround myself with positive people.
I am growing my hair for people that have cancer and lose their hair because my family friend just passed away of bone cancer 10 months ago and had issues with her hair. I usually keep it on the shorter side. I come from a big family and I am family orientated and I love kids and have so many nieces and nephews, it's crazy lol. every time I call my sisters they be yelling in the background "Hi JJ, Hi JJ!". It's funny!
I can write all day but would rather save some for messages. If you wanna write me or add me on Jpay, l'm down for whatever.

Date of Birth: 9-24-1999
Height: 5'11"
Education: Graduated high school
Occupation before prison: Boss
Earliest release date: 2025
Maximum release date: 2035
Would you like letters from both sexes? Women
(This does not refer to sexual orientation)
Can you receive email: Yes
If yes, which service: Jpay.com
Can you respond to emails: Yes
Activities in prison: Music, work out, write poetry, stay motivated, clean and organize my own space
Anything else:

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